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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 30, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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altamont pass, and we have road work out there, southbound, 101 from central san rafael to the waldo grade in lanes until can this morning. kristen? >> thank you, big news for a golden gate bridge commuters you there is a big test being launched that will change the way you pay and, possibly, the speed of traffic. we are live at the bridge. cornell? >> imagine a world with no human toll takers on the golden gate bridge. the future is here. that day is fast approaching. this morning, testing of the bridge's all new electronic tolling system gets underway for the very first time. basically to work the kinks out of it. you will not notice changes right away but the bridge district will test play by license plate and fast track, and the conversion could take place in march. at for 30 percent who do not have fast track they can
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register with the bridge district or be sent an invoice in the mail when they rollover the bridge. tourists can make payments up to 30 days prior to the visit to san francisco. all electronics were approved to ease congestion. will it confusing? will there be glitches? perhaps. that is why the testing is starting so early. there will be a public service campaign next two weeks to let the public know what is going on, here on the bridge. live on the golden gate bridge this morning for abc7 news. >> thank you very much, cornell. >> another super bowl update. fans of interview with the vampire know new orleanss is famous for the dark side so diehard fans are looking at that side of the host city touring the famous cemeteries. katie marzullo joins us live from the superdome. inquire place else in the country this would be a strange
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tour but not not big easy. >> right, it does seem weird, superdome for super bowl, obvious tourist attraction but to visit a cemetery, but they are beautiful. they are intriguing. they are above ground. i met with a tour guide born and raised here and he gave me more than just the, we can't bury people in the swamp line. people know that. he got into the details. i apologize in advance if you are eating breakfast. >> these are bunk beds. >> the family-owned tombs sound like a cozy way to spend eternal. but there is more. >> you would put the first person who dies in the family on the top bunk, the second who dies below on the bottom bunk. >> what happens when a third family member passes away? >> if grandparent is on the top cooking in here the longest, you need to get rid of him you on the tomb and push him into the closet in the back or bottom and you push the new person inside of there in the process
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continues and that is how we still bury people in above ground seemaries in new orleans. >>the method goes back to 1788 with a lot of trial and error before that so this is the best practice. >> we do not bury people in secret. we have a big parade through the city and other people join along with that. it is a party but it is a celebration of the person's life. >> in the nearby park there is an enormous oak known as the tree of life. some people believe it is 500 years old but the truth is a secret buried deep in its roots. >> another interesting element of the cemetery, mike said back in the day families on all saint's day would go to plot and clean it up and get a life
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lesson on the ancestors. the weather will be weird here today so i will keep you updated and mike i will send you updates on twitter so follow me at abc7. >> she is part of a team reporters bringing you the best courage of super bowl week, our sports director, larry beil, mike shumann and wayne freedman are in new orleans looking at the behind-the-scenes actions going on and will keep you informed through twitter updates. >> this afternoon, san francisco mayor lee will be joined by his police and fire chiefs to meet with mission district merchants ahead of the super bowl on sunday. the mayor and the police he and fire chief want to assure businesses that if the 49ers win on sunday there will not be a reaped vandalism seen in the mission following the world series championship in october. there will be at least 100 extra officers on the streets, and
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police will be enforcing laws against drinking alcohol in public. >> turn to abc7 news after the game on sunday, our teams in new orleans and in the bay area will be live on the air with live coverage of how niners fans are reacting here and in the big easy. >> developing news in the search of a home for the remains of kevin collins, 10 years old and kidnapped 29 years ago in san francisco. we broke the story of the search at 4:00 p.m. yesterday, and the preliminary assessment of bones discovered in the basement floor indicate that they are from an animal but a final determination has to be made. he disappeared in 1984 on the way him from school at st. agnes and last seen at a bus stop a block away from where yesterday's search unfolded. abc7 news reporter will have a live report with more coming up in 30 minutes. >> police have released sketches of two men who wounded four teen boys in a drive-by shooting.
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the pair is believed to have shot the teens last monday after one victim was mistaken for a gang member because of the shoes he was wearing. all four teens were treated and released at the hospital with non-life threatening injuries between the ages of 13 and 16. >> a survey of alameda county homeless population could show the depth of the recession, trying to determine if the numbers are up from the 4,200 last counted in 2011. today is the second day of santa clara county homeless sweep with 7,000 in their last survey. totals were up from 2011, were up from previous years but bad economic times have slows things up. >> there will be quarterly earn ings for facebook after the
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close of the bell today. investors have been encouraged by the menlo park company's ability to advertised on mobile phone, the big growth area for facebook right now. >> katie was talking about the weather in the big easy and they are getting rough weather there. here? normal. >> mike is keeping an eye on both areas because i know the new orleans situation is fascinating you. >> it does. it does. i cut my teeth on severe weather growing up in the midwest with a line of severe weather moving through, four or five tornadoes yesterday from missouri to mississippi, and this is all moving toward katie in the french quarter right here about under this, and you can see the severe thunderstorm coming down here and headed toward her. so, right now, at 7:00 in the morning, at 74 degrees and the dew point is 69, the amount of moisture. it is very humid there. outside, the winds are from 21
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to 31 miles per hour, but with the storm it could deficit -- gust up to 60 miles per hour. temperatures here are not too chilly, upper 30's to mid-40's and mid-to-upper 30's at noon and at 60 at 4:00 with a lot more sunshine than yesterday. looking ahead we will have low-to-mid 60's each day and a few upper 60's tomorrow and friday are possible. sue? >> if you are headed southbound on 680 from concord to walnut creek, north main to 24, everything is moving at the limit, nicely done through the walnut creek area and this is 880 beyond the colisieum, right there on the left hand side of the freeway, looking southbound, you can see this has been taken, with the updates every 90 seconds so light traffic at nimitz, and another ramp closing
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south 280 to northbound 85 for road work, as well. >> you could have as much as $700,000 owed to you and not even know it. did you hear what i said? next what you need to know to claim that money. >> and some dedicated niners fans run into problem with their super bowl plans. but the 49
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 5:13. leaders of the liberal opposition to egypt islamist president are calling for a dialogue this morning as violence threatens to collapse the government. this is new video from the town of port said where protesters are ignoring the cure -- curfew. 60 have been killed in the protests. there is concern of protecting state institutions. >> the federal government may owe you a lot of money. federal officials say there is $58 billion sitting, waiting to be chained, cash people left behind in abandoned bank accounts, stockholdings, and unclaimed life insurance payouts and forgotten pensions. in california, the state comptroller tells us there is a
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$6.1 billion jackpot, waiting to be claimed that belongs to 17.6 million. we have links to different websites to check to see if you have money coming, go to and "7 on your side." >> the ultimate event for all things apple will begin in san francisco. the annual mac world con conference starts tomorrow in mascone center, a popular event although apple stopped participating in 2009 when steve jobs health took a turn. this year the conference will open with an appearance by ashton kutcher would plays the late apple co-founder in a film. >> apple is getting government protection against copycats, with the trademark office giving them a trademark for the knocked off retail store design with a clear glass door front and large panels over-the-top. the trademark covers interior furniture, lighting, shelves, and the genius bar where
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customers can get technical support. they applied for the trademark, twice, before a third try proved the charm. >> a long time 49er man thought he had a dream come true, winning a pair of super bowl tickets but reality sank in. he won the tickets from 49er c.e.o. in a twitter contest but the flights everyone sold out hotel rooms were more than $2,000 a night. he called the niners and got another e-mail from the front office and this is what it said. >> we are working on getting you on the family plane team charter. we are also working on a room, as well. we will take care of you. >> i just...i have...i was in shock. again. >> he has been to all of the niners five previous super bowls and this time he is taking a friend's nephew to help him text and tweet about the expense.
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>> he was a lifelong fan but this...cements it. that is trick. >> classy. very classy. >> and our classy meteorologist is here. >> you are classy. >> now, outside this morning, we will look down from the east bay hills camera across the bridge, and notice how calm the water is on the bay this morning with high pressure taking over and that will mean more sunshine in the warming trend we have been talking about is here today. we will look at live doppler 7 hd over the last three hours, you can see the cloud cover starting to move away from us, the radar runs, the air is just too dry right now. we will talk about the temperatures just updated and falling a little bit with more
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temperatures in the 30's, and low-to-mid concord including antioch and san francisco at 48. in monterey bay we have 39 and everyone else around 40 or 41. here is what will happen today, more sunshine, and more warmth with the winds switching a little bit. they are not coming from the north or northwest but from the northeast which is usually a washer wind. it usually comes with "spare the air" day. this time the air will be clean and it will stay that way into the weekend. next week, a small pattern change. it will be unsettled and a couple of chances of rain but not heavy amounts of rain or heavy snow in the sierra. here is the high pressure that has been dominating our weather and it is getting closer, and the air is modifying and the storms are staying away as you can see the jet stream further
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to the east. it will take the clouds from yesterday and pull them with it. so, for us, back at home, expect a lot of sunshine today and temperatures very nice to be outside 60 in san francisco and half moon bay and richmond to 64 in fremont and napa and 63 in oakland and san jose. low-to-mid 60's around monterey bay and mid-to-upper 60's inland. tonight the temperatures are in the 30's and 40's inland and mainly low-to-mid 40's in the bay and the coast. temperatures are in the low 60's along the coast and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us through friday and saturday and sunday more in the mid-60's and cooler by tuesday next week with the first chance of light rain. >> we have a lock at 101 northbound moving up from the peninsula beyond candlestick to san francisco, just a few cars there and thought bad at all with our camera refreshing there. southbound 101 at third, road work in san mateo area, that until 6:00, and also, southbound
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85at 101, expect road work for another 40 minutes and southbound 880, fruitvale, various lanes are blocked with road work in the area. kristen and eric? >> oscar will do something it has never done, the winding road trip to hollywood it is about to take. >> move over mavericks a surfer may have ridden right into the record books. >> today, three peopleers, first r&b legend and hollywood icon will take on two important roles in a new film.
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>> in china, a giant sinkhole swallows several buildings leaving spectators in awe. this it goes. people have been keeping an eye on the massive sinkhole as it got bigger and bigger causing the buildings to weaken and crumble. five hell in the hole and knocked out power to thousands. streets were blocked off by police. crews now have a big mess to clean up. >> for the first time ever the most desired hollywood statue is hitting the road for a national tour. on monday, oscar will kickoff
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the three-week road trip in new york city. they will travel to ten cities including chicago, dallas, and phoenix. fans can hold oscar before arriving on the hollywood red carpet at the 85th academy award ceremony. the oscars are less than a month away and you can see who wins on sunday february 24 when the oscars are announced, live, only on abc7. >> there are two major recalls underway this morning, one involving a car you could be driving and the other, clothes you may be wearing. >> and now the business report. >> toyota is rawing a million vehicles including the 2003 and 2004 matrix and 2006 through early 2012 because of a problem with front wipers. if you have a heated jacket made by columbia, stop wearing it, there is a burn hazard.
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there are seven recalled we jacket on there are links on my twitter. blackberry is on the on the come back with new blackberry 10's, faster devices and the ability do keep personal and work identities separate and your employer cannot see what you do in the "personal" mode. >> blackberry has a lot riding on it. once they dominated and now they only have 5 percent. >> a dramatic drop. we will see if they are on the come back trail. mike? >> the stock is coming back. so, maybe there are plans we don't know about. >> 5:25. our radar across the entire state over the last three hours you can see the high pressure pushing the storm to the east
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with snow in nevada and now toward salt lake city so their ski resorts are getting fresh powder. 50 in tahoe, 48 in yosemite, the cooler spots, and 50 in eureka and low-to-mid 60's through the central valley and check out southern california, upper 60's, to around 70 degrees. safe travels. and now our travels. >> we have good looking commute if you are traveling from concord, southbound, 680 into walnut creek and highway 24 you can see the tail lights headed in the southbound direction and headlights headed northbound. this is north main to give you an idea where we are, traffic is looking good through the san ramon valley into dublin/pleasanton, as well. south 280 ramp to northbound 85, that construction is still underway for another 35 minutes until 6:00 this morning, and northbound and southbound 680, you can expect road work there, as well, and as we mentioned earlier, mascone center tomorrow
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begins and you can expect traffic around howard, 3rd and 4th during the entire convention. kristen and eric? >> he looks like a spot on a giant mountain of water, take a look, hawaiian surfing legend may have topped his own world record this is him. right there. off the coast of portugal yesterday. the wave believed to be 100' and if it checks out this ride could top his record-setting 90' wave back in 2011. wow! the the adrenalin. >> there is more to new orleans that bourbon street. katie marzullo reveals the place popular for locals and 49er fans will want to check out. >> first, developing news you saw first on abc7 news, what is happening today in the 30-year-old cold case, missing
5:26 am
persons case now getting new persons case now getting new attention from san well, well, well.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on wednesday, at 5:29, thanks if joining us, i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. four more days to the super bowl. first, today, what? >> four glorious days to the super bowl. >> starting with the weather, that is glorious, too. mike? >> maybe not so much down there. we are watching severe weather headed to new orleans. here, glorious. looking at radar and satellite. live doppler 7 hd showing how dry it is and the lack of cloud cover. we have wind in the higher elevations and it is mild this morning with 30's and 40's. by the afternoon hours, the high
5:29 am
pressure will come, 57 to 60 and upper 50's to mid 60's around the bay and inland. >> good morning, happy wednesday to everyone. the headlights in san jose to 80 by the 17 interchange, light traffic conditions to cupertino and sunnyvale. it is pumping up right here, looking at over 15 minutes from hillcrest to 242 and concord. and the altamont pass, slowing a bit up and over and it picks up through livermore. kristen? >> developing news today, testing will be done and more evidence examined after a massive search in the case of a san francisco boy who disappeared nearly three decades ago. a story that abc7 was first to bring you, and amy is live in
5:30 am
the haight-ashbury neighborhood. amy? >> the neighborhood is talking about the case. people who lived here in 1984, remembering kevin collins all over again. look at this exclusive video from abc7 news of investigators descending on the neighborhood in the haight-ashbury yesterday morning. investigators going into a home on masonic close to where kevin collins was last seen on the way home from basketball practice in 1984. he was ten. it attracted national attention. people here say they still remember it. >> i remember how the little boy looked in the school uniform and i was shocked coming from europe, moving over here and a child disappear front of my door >> dogs helped police unearth bones at the home found under
5:31 am
the concrete floor of the garage. police later said they believe they are animal bones. they will have them tested. kevin collins mother lives in concord and is partly releaved they are probably animal bones and partly sorry her family will not get closure. police want to emphasize the people would live here are not suspected in the case. the fan who formally lived here was a "person of interest" but he has passed away. >> and abc7 reporter broke this story part of an investigation by the abc7 i-team. stay with us for continuing coverage of the kevin collins case and you can get updates on and on twitter. >> it is 5:33. super bowl xlvii is four days away and today the niners get to business holding traffic at the
5:32 am
new orleans saints practice facility following a normal practice routine, the team has experienced being away from home for long periods and the niners have taken a week long trip each of the past three seasons and are 3-30 on the games. in september they stayed in ohio home of the niners ownership between road games in minnesota and new york. >> new orleans has so much to offer for fans streaming into town for the super bowl and while the classic destinations like the french quarter are great, it can pay to go where the locals prefer. katie marzullo is live at the superdome. are you taking us on a tour, katie? >> yes. we have the best neighborhoods. everyone knows bourbon street but i have another street name of the remember this: magazine street. it will take you uptown from the french quarter to the garden district and it is a
5:33 am
neighborhood, locals like to thing of as their secret, but in the true spirit of southern hospitality they are willing to share. >> it is similar. but not the same. >> the difference between the french quarter and coming more to magazine into the city is it is more authentic in these areas. you get the food down there but it is like, for everyone, not -- it could be something they would have for everyone to eat. >> and the shopping gets an upgrate. >> the french quarter has t-shirts but this has a local flare. >> you can have any shirt you want in seconds, like this little red number with recognizable names. side note, the manning brothers grew up in the garden district. this is their childhood home. if the area is a well kept local secret, why are locals giving it up to the media?
5:34 am
>> if you want to go shopping and you want to find community things go up magazine. >> i would say everyone should come experience all of new orleans not just the french quarter. it is much more than that. >> easy to get there, you can hop on the troll or bus or walk from the french quarter, probably not recommended today, given how the weather is going to be, but, still, very windy here in new orleans and we are just in the last few minutes starting to see our first rain drops. when it is more severe, i will tweet it. live in new orleans for katie marzullo. >> we do see a little bit of the wind picking up from the rain drops. thank you very much. we have a full crew bringing the best coverage from new orleans leading up to the big game. sports director larry beil and wayne freedman and mike shumann are in the big easy covering the 49ers and super bowl weekend and behind the scenes twitter
5:35 am
updates. >> the excitement builds for super bowl xlvii, some leaders in the bay area are looking ahead to super bowl 50 and hoping it will be played at the niners new stadium. the santa clara city council met to discuss their super bowl bid. the bay area is already on the short list to hold the 2016 super bowl along with south florida, santa clara will need to show the nfl they can handle a massive event. >> we have the buzz going on now with our team in the super bowl. this is three years out and the mightment is building. >> the bid is due in may and the new stadium is scheduled to open in time for the 2014 season. >> happening now, the f.b.i. is on the scene of a hostage situation in alabama unfolding right now after a man took a six-year old boy hostage. police say the man grabbed the boy off the school bus yesterday after shooting and killing the driver. he now is holed up in an underground bunker with the boy in midland city.
5:36 am
authorities have been communicating with the man through a pvc pipe and sent medication to the boy who is believed unharmed. the man started building the bunkers since moving in two years ago. >> we are following developing news from san jose this morning where crews are on the scene of a suspicious incident. someone threw a fiery object at a house on glenwood avenue at 3:00 this morning, and officials say the house did not catch fire but the people reported smoke. san jose police are also on the scene right now. we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated through the morning. >> pittsburg police are searching for a "person of interest" in a deadly gas station shooting. police consider 22 career ode brian fox, armed and dangerous and want to talk to him in connection with the shooting at the union city gas station yesterday on railroad avenue. victim was shot in the head died
5:37 am
from the injuries. the father says the victim was 20 years old. a swat team surrounded the neighborhood and found fox's car but they did not find fox. >> a state agency is set to take action today against chevron in connection with the richmond refinery fire. an independent investigation by the state department of occupational safety will reveal more about the fire. chevron said they paid out $10 million in medical claims. they have begun corrective actions, they say. they face lawsuits headed for state court claiming negligence led to the fire and delayed the emergency response. >> that is new orleans, katie marzullo showed us a picture the house that the peytons grew up in new orleans, because their
5:38 am
father was playing quaterback for the saints back then. >> i am playing football trivia pursuit. >> he was a good quarterback but he had a rotten team but produced good off spring, and they say he would have been a better quarterback than the other two. now, live doppler 7 hd shows show in the midwest and severe weather headed to new orleans. french quarter is right about here, where the superdome is or close to it, the mercedes superdome, and you can see this line marching to katie, and dew point is 69, and humidity is 85 percent. a south wind at 21 gusting to 31 but when the storm comes through it could gust to 60 miles per hour. that is the transition, and, tomorrow, temperatures are 20 degrees cooler and light humidity, 57 degrees, and it willing 62 with dry air open friday and a few more clouds and
5:39 am
mid-to-upper 60's for saturday and super bowl sunday. at home we have our own low-to-mid 60's thursday, friday, and saturday. >> good morning, everyone, we have a live shot of the east shore freeway as you move from richmond and the 580 junction, bunching up here, and it is getting busy but moving nicely moving into the macarthur maze with no delays at the toll plaza and this is 580 into pleasanton and it is getting busy here as you move westbound on 580. northbound, 680, beyond 101 in the san jose area, first report of a truck, a big rig that lost its load and debris scattered in all lanes and we are check telling see what the debris is and how quickly that will be cleaned up. >> 5:41. >> housework and sex? ahead, the new connection unveiled by researchers that may have men second-guessing their help around the house. >> first, unlikely pair on
5:40 am
capitol hill, the event happening today bringing together the head of the n.r.a.
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loslos altos, and antioch, and petaluma this is abc7 news. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords is expected to testify at the first congressional hearing since the president launched his gun control campaign. the head of the national rifle association is also scheduled to testify before the senate judiciary committee today as is gabrielle giffords' husband, retired international mark kelly. the c.e.o. says law abiding gun owners will not accept blame for sick killers. all are urged to attend the hearing. >> c.h.p. investigators are closer to identifying the drives involved in a dangerous sideshow in the middle of interstate 880 over the weekend at 4:00 p.m. on saturday involving half a dozen vehicles near the oakland colisieum. an anonymous caller who gave crucial information to the c.h.p. spoke exclusively with abc7 news. he says he saw the postings on
5:44 am
facebook implicating the drivers. >> they were posted on the internet and someone posted it and i saw it, a comment, saying that they knew someone in the video. >> the videos were uploaded to youtube so it was easy for the detectives to track down the drives. c.h.p. says it is only a matter of time before they enhance the video so they can read the license plates of the cars and make arrests. >> great news to bring you this morning about a bay area woman who lost $6,000 in a cruel super bowl ticket scam. she is going to the big game in the big easy after all and she is taking a few friends with her. the woman wired $5,900 for tickets on craigslist by a ravens fan. this is what she got, a nasty note rooting for the ravens. when ticket master c.e.o. heard
5:45 am
of the rip-off he gave the woman four free super bowl tickets. the 49ers reportedly kicked in some more tickets on top of that and she will have breakfast with nfl legend, a cowboys quaterback, and we will let that go. >> he is a commentator for now, so he is neutral now. we are happy. >> mike nicco is here. today is the day we have been talking about, the warm-up. >> warming trend today starts with the morning where the kids are keeping the temperatures up. you can see our camera dancing atop mount tamalpais but the air is cleaning from sausalito to san francisco and down to the san mateo bridge, and that is the key to the forecast as we look at live doppler 7 hd, you can see the air mass is changing just a little bit with the high clouds gone and radar is returning and that is minimal, nothing going on as far as adverse weather for the morning commute other than the wins
5:46 am
being a little bit in the upper level so if you are traveling through the passes maybe it will be breezy. now the latest temperatures, dress for upper 30's in concord and napa and theft oh and we start from 40 at fremont and redwood city and san francisco is 48 and oakland is 42 and san jose is 41, and 39 in watt -- watt -- watsonville. >> during our last warming trend we had a lot of "spare the air" days but that will not happen this time. we will be unsettled next week with a few chances of very light rain. right now it does not look promising. santa rosa at 61. concord at 63, five degrees warmer and the reason we will be warmer, again, the clouds that were thin yesterday and continue
5:47 am
to be thin are dug the afternoon hours still did a good job of filtering the sunshine and we will not have so many today and we are starting off in some areas warmer. the strong blocking ridge is pushing all of the adverse weather well to our north and starting to push the thin clouds out of here. also, as we head into the afternoon hours, most of us in the low-to-mid 60's. our seven-day outlook shows in the low-to-mid 60's tomorrow and, also, friday and saturday, a few areas could hit the upper 60's and same thing on sunday and monday, and tuesday well start to see cooler weather with the first chance of a light shower. have a great day. sue? >> back to san jose, a truck lost its load on the freeway southbound 280, and now the debris is scattered over the house and c.h.p. will do a track -- traffic break to clean it up. we are looking to clarify what
5:48 am
the debris it, as it is causing flat tires. southbound 280, right here. at dumbarton, road work until 6:00. and southbound 101 from central san rafael to the waldo grade picked up in a few minutes with various plains blocked there and a walnut creek getting busy making the term at north main to highway 24, brake lights there, as well. >> word this morning that boeing knew of problems with the batteries in the new 787 jets before two fires forced safety regulators to ground the planes. "new york times" says the japanese airline replaced ten of the batteries last year and they say they told boeing of the issues with the batteries and regulators are asking bowing to give them detailed information of the batteries and the 787 is the first plane to be fully powered by the new batteries.
5:49 am
>> john kerry will be sworn in as the next secretary of state. the senate confirmed him yesterday. on friday he will replace hillary clinton who is stepping down after four years. this is the first time since colin powell served under george w. bush a man will be sworn in as secretary of state. >> housework and sex? a student kid -- a study that women will dispute. >> and a birth control pill for men, for you sense a trend. when it could become a reality. >> inside the brazilian nightclub where more than 200 died. died. the clues at scene that [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay
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citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> welcome back on wednesday. this morning at 7:00, the marin district will spray for mosquitoes including at deer island basement using a helicopter to fog for mosquitoes in rural areas of marin and sonoma. the speed at which they are developing is faster than recently which means a more active mosquito season. >> california's dry winter is affecting water levels.
5:53 am
the latest survey finds the snow pack is 93 percent of normal with heavy snow fall building it up in september and little snow all this month. surveyors say our state water supply is looking good, and the snow pack will build until april 1, and start melting. the run off provides a third of the state's water supply. >> any water out there in the forecast, mike? any rain? >> not really, unfortunately. we are going to be dry for a while. we may get a little bit next week and snow next week but radar shows the high pressure moving on in so if you like sunshine and head to the beaches, it will be calmer. big sur is 64, and low-to-mid 60's through the central valley and near 50 in tahoe. >> in san jose, a truck that
5:54 am
lost its load is leaking fluid, and dropped some metal which is causing flats. bart and muni are on time and eight train 1 is ten minutes late out of pleasanton. >> san francisco's ban on public nudity goes into affect on friday now that a federal judge has rejected a challenge to it. the supporters of nudity say it bans the first amendment rights but the judge says it does not violate their rights to freedom of speech. the decision has upset the activist whose challenged the new challenge. in a statement, the attorney said my cleans and i are reviewing the ruling and considering an emergency appeal to the 9th circuit. >> researchers in texas are making progress to developing a birth control pill for men, a team at baylor is working on the first and research published in the medical journal said the
5:55 am
formula is different from other pills that have failed because it doesn't have harmful side effects including loss of libido and some are taking a wait-and-see approach. amen who want more intimacy may want to stay away from housework. research out of university of washington shows husbands who stick to the traditional mail chores like raking leaves or the car will have more sex than those who help with the cooking and cleaning. the study results were based on a survey of 4,500 couples taken between 1992 and 1994, 20 years ago but. >> authorities say the division of chores has changed little and the study is in the journal of sociological review. >> i want to caution the lead researchers says that husbands should not take the findings as
5:56 am
justification for not cooking, cleaning, or shopping because men who refuse to help around the house could increase conflict in the player and therefore lower their wives marital satisfaction. >> 5::57. >> our super bowl week coverages and we go live back to new orleans with a tour you may want to check out. >> hillary clinton reveals to abc news what she has planned after she leaves the state department
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 6:00 is our time. thanks for joining us today, i am kristen sze. >> first, the weather forecast. it will be a pretty nice day.
5:59 am
>> it will be a very nice day. more sunshine than yesterday, and warmer temperatures. the satellite shows no radar runs, nothing in the way of cloud cover so it will not be so pretty as yesterday during the sun rides but we will have more sunshine getting us off to a faster start and get the warming trend started. breezy in the hills. otherwise 37 to 47, is how you should dress, a warming trend, absolutely, this afternoon, and 57 to 65 and we will have milder temperatures as we head through the evening hours and 48 to 53. the good news with this warming trend unlike the one we had last time is the air is going to stay relatively clean, i don't see a "spare the air" day in the offing the next couple of days. temperatures could climb into the upper 60's tomorrow and into friday. we will look at the weekend forecast in a few minutes and new orleans and the super bowl


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